Healthy Eating And The False Negatives About Carbs

image of wheatAnyone trying to stay in shape or lose weight have probably heard the horror stories: Carbs are bad for you! They expand your waistline! Bread is just sugar in disguise!

We are here to say yes and no. Remember the good old days when carbohydrates were the absolute most important piece of the food pyramid? While this may no longer be the case, carbs are still a vital part of healthy eating. Let us show you…

The Truth About Carbs

Spoiler alert: not all carbs are created equal! Just as light and darkness are opposites of one another, there are such things as good carbs and bad carbs. The power these two foot items have over your waistline revolves around your ability to tell the difference between them and ultimately choose the option that increases your likelihood of developing healthy eating habits.

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Let’s begin by defining these two categories of carbohydrates and how you can easily identify which is which.

Good Carbs

Good carbohydrates, commonly referred to as complex carbs, possess three or more different types of sugar molecules and are rich in fiber. Because good carbs have a more intricate chemical makeup, they take longer to digest than their “bad” carb counterpart; because of this, complex carbs provide a longer energy burn that will sustain your body for an extended period of time before refueling is required.

Real-world examples of complex carbohydrates include whole grain products (wheat, oats and brown rice), soybeans, skim milk, and an array of fruits and green vegetables.

Bad Carbs

Bad carbohydrates, known as simple carbs, contain less than three sugar molecules. The simplicity of these carbs are easier for the body to digest, resulting in a much faster burn of energy that ultimately leaves the body craving more sooner. That means you will have to eat more of these more often to keep your energy reserves topped off, a habit that can negatively impact your waistline.

Real-world examples of simple carbohydrates include white bread, table sugar, syrups, honey, naturally sweetened soft drinks and candy.

Healthy Eating Begins With You

Heathy eating habits begin with making healthier food choices. That means instead of having pancakes for breakfast, maybe eat a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and a glass of skim milk. You could make your lunchtime sandwich with wheat bread instead of white. How about for dinner, cook up a lean meat and serve it with a side of greens? All it takes are the right combination of ingredients to improve your overall wellbeing.

As this article comes to a close, we would like to remind you that healthy eating promotes a healthier lifestyle, which can help you lead a more fulfilling life!

So what are you having for dinner this evening?

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